Educators from Baghdad visit SABIS® Schools in Erbil

On September 22nd, 2010, a large group of guests who traveled from the capital of Baghdad were welcomed at various SABIS® Schools in Erbil, Kurdistan.  The group of 14 educators and specialists, which included various members of the Iraqi Ministry of Education and members of USAID, were visiting our schools in the city of Erbil to observe and experience the SABIS® educational system.  One of their aims is to strengthen the education system in Baghdad and to return it to a prominent educational reputation, mentioned Mr. Haitham Na’ma Rahim, the Director of Cultural Exchange from the Ministry of Education.  

Their visit to Erbil included a tour at the International School of Choueifat and a visit to Fakhir Mergasori International, the first school part of the PPP project in Iraq (public-private partnership).

Their tour consisted of a presentation regarding the SABIS® Educational system, and was later invited to classrooms to witness the implementation of the system.  The group was very impressed by the SABIS® curriculum and teaching methodologies.  They were pleased with the high levels of English and Math being taught to the young kids, but most importantly, they were glad to see that the local languages of Arabic and Kurdish being offered at the schools. 

They were proud to see the quality of education offered by SABIS® to the region, at the private and public level. Just like SABIS®, the future of the students is the main priority and focus in Iraq.

Fakhir Mergasori International School

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