Grade 6 Students Go to Majidi Land

Grade 6 Students Go to Majidi Land

Grade 6 students of Fakhir Mergasori International School (FMIS), a SABIS® PPP school, went on a trip to Majidi Land on October 24, 2015.


In the early afternoon, students arrived at Majdi Land. Once they arrived, the director of the place explained to the students how to play the games. The director then entered their names into a gaming system to keep track of their performances. The Grade 6 students started playing games and afterwards they had ice cream, chips, and juice. By 4:30 p.m. the students were back at the school and shortly after, left to go home.

This field trip to Majidi Land took place in order for students to form stronger bonds with their fellow classmates. Not only did the students enjoy the day, the teachers also had a nice time going out with the students, as the students were well-behaved.

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